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Westside Subway Extension Survives Legal Challenge by Beverly Hills

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Judge rules Metro’s review of the route, which would require tunneling under Beverly Hills High School, was thorough and fair. To read more, click here.


Monday, March 26th, 2012

Please see below for ongoing information and updates about the proposed Metro stop in Century City:

3/2012: Los Angeles Business Journal: Subway Report Seeks New Location of Century City Station

3/2012: Westwood-Century City Patch: Metro Officials Support Constellation Avenue Stop for Century City

1/2012: The Source: California Geogolical Survey issues letter about LA Weekly Story

10/2011: Experts Recommend Constellation Station for Subway Project for Safety Reasons

10/2011: Zev Yaroslavsky- Fault Findings Break New Ground

8/2011: Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Subway’s Tunnel Vision

8/2011: Westside Neighborhood Council Backs Constellation Subway Station

7/2011: City Watch’s Beverly Hills Rejection of Century City Station: Embarrassing and Tiresome

6/2011: Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Keeping the Subway on Track” article

6/2011: City Watch’s “Constellation Blvd: The Subway Stops Here”

6/2011: Huffington Post’s “Rejecting Century City Subway Station Adjacent”


10/2011: Metro Board of Directors Planning & Programming Committee, Part 1: Oral report/presentation

10/2011: Metro Board of Directors Planning & Programming Committee, Part 2: Committee discussion/questions & public comment

10/2011: Metro Board of Directors Planning & Programming Committee, Part 3: News briefing


Westside Subway Extension Century City Area Station Options

Westside Subway Extension: Subway Planning in the Century City Area

Online Constellation Blvd. Subway Stop Petition

Century City Chamber Press Conference:

Post-Event Press Release

Press Conference Photos

And, on Thursday, June 9th, the Century City Chamber along with Councilmember Paul Koretz, the Century City Homeowners Alliance and the Comstock Hills Homeowners Association held its first ever Press Conference regarding the proposed  metro station stop in Century City, which made the KCAL 9 Channel news: